Heads Up Productions and 2012 Burners Without Borders Grants | Burn After Reading Magazine

  “A major staple in Burner culture, Burners Without Borders, has been assisting people internationally for the last seven years, by taking the Ten Principles off-playa and out into the world. We first wrote about Burners Without Borders in our article about Project Thunderstick, a team of Burners who flew to Japan after the 2011 […]

Episode 35: April Helms – Special Products Editor

Hosts Benjamin Rexroad and TJ Jozsa interview April Helms, Special Products Editor for Record Publishing’s weekly, regional newspapers. “You can find very good quality theater at a community theater.” April is “Special Products Editor” not “Entertainment Editor” April covers theater, dance, art shows, book reviews and a myriad of other things How April decides what […]

“the comment” Comments on Heads Up

“Corpus Christi” brings gay marriage to the church

Heads Up Productions, a new Akron theater company, is bringing “Corpus Christi” to First Grace United Church of Christ. Benjamin Rexroad, artistic director of Heads Up Productions, has been at The University of Akron for six years now. He began his first semester studying Humanities, but switched to a Theater degree. He will be graduating […]

Corpus Christi Renews Faith in Live Theater

I love live theater. I can’t remember the first live theater production I ever saw, but I remember the first one that really got to me. It was a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at E.J. Thomas Hall circa 1986. I had grown up listening to JCS; my mom was a fanatic and played the […]

A Letter to Any and All Protestors (Past, Present and Future) of the Play “Corpus Christi” by Ike

A review of our production of Corpus Christi by Ike of Mike and Ike.   So Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Herne, and Tiamat all walk inta a bar… Okay, now that I got your attention, howdy! Ya don’t know me, and if ya did most a ya probably wouldn’t want ta, and I’m fine with that. […]

Heads Up set to stage ‘Corpus Christi’ (WITH VIDEOS)

At this time of year, area Christian churches are gearing up for Easter worship and celebrations. Heads Up Productions, an independent theater company, is seen as a part of the Easter observance at First Grace United Church of Christ in Akron, with its production of “Corpus Christi,” by Terrence McNally. The shows are April 21 […]

Look Ma! We’re on TV!

Corpus Christi was featured on Kent State University’s TV2 News. Watch the story and let us know what you think!

Heads Up Productions Critically Engages Audience

The theater company Heads Up Productions is verily turning heads with their thought-provoking shows. Heads Up Productions is a theater company based in Akron, Ohio. The company began from the combined dream of Benjamin Rexroad, the company’s Artistic Director, and TJ Jozsa, the Assistant Artistic Director of the company and Mount Union student. Heads Up […]

Assistant Artistic Director is Recognized for his Work

After he graduated high school, our Assistant Artistic Director, TJ Jozsa, started his own theatre company.  Below is a story about his company, DRAMATIK.  They had one successful run of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  Following that story is an article that recently appear about him in the newspaper.  Look at how far our […]