“Corpus Christi” Post-Post Show Wrap Up

See the beautiful show pictures below? They were taken by PeaSea Photography Make sure you 1.) Visit their page & 2.) Go to the Corpus Christi page to see the rest

‘Corpus Christi’ Wrap Party

Blasphemer.  Heretic.  Sodomite. We got called a variety of names over the last two months.  (Some more deserved than others.)  We got protested.  We even got a death threat. An actress was hurt backstage during the first 20 minutes of a 2 hr and 10 minute play.  She had to go to the hospital, not […]

“Corpus Christi” brings gay marriage to the church

Heads Up Productions, a new Akron theater company, is bringing “Corpus Christi” to First Grace United Church of Christ. Benjamin Rexroad, artistic director of Heads Up Productions, has been at The University of Akron for six years now. He began his first semester studying Humanities, but switched to a Theater degree. He will be graduating […]

Corpus Christi Renews Faith in Live Theater

I love live theater. I can’t remember the first live theater production I ever saw, but I remember the first one that really got to me. It was a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at E.J. Thomas Hall circa 1986. I had grown up listening to JCS; my mom was a fanatic and played the […]

A Letter to Any and All Protestors (Past, Present and Future) of the Play “Corpus Christi” by Ike

A review of our production of Corpus Christi by Ike of Mike and Ike.   So Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Herne, and Tiamat all walk inta a bar… Okay, now that I got your attention, howdy! Ya don’t know me, and if ya did most a ya probably wouldn’t want ta, and I’m fine with that. […]

For Good

There is a song from the musical Wicked called “For Good.” The lyrics are absolutely beautiful. Here’s a bit of them that I keep coming back to:  I’ve heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most […]

“The Christian”

I love going to church.  I wear a bracelet that says, “walk with Jesus.”  Reading the Bible is one of my favorite things to do.  My kids and I love Christian music.  When times get tough or when I feel blessed, I turn to prayer. (In fact, I have prayed over this blog, hoping our Lord […]

The Wizard of Jerusalem

Our final video from an early Corpus Christi rehearsal.  We were exploring themes from the play.

Captured by Robots

Another rehearsal video by the cast of Corpus Christi. (Not an actual scene from the show.)

Ideogrammatically Correct

For the first two weeks of rehearsal we don’t touch our scripts.  Script work involves the actors memorizing their lines.  Instead, we delve into themes, motifs and symbols from the play in a more immediate way.  This video is a compilation of three short plays created by the ensemble of Corpus Christi which explore various […]