Episode 44: Big Box, Week 7: “Chaos Theory”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Cat Kenney, writer for Chaos Theory. The longest pre-interview interview ever (From Kierkegaard to drugs and back again) Fractal science as a metaphor for theater What the heck is a Mandelbrot set? YouTube it! Cartoonist, teacher, world traveler…she even does her own stunts Vampires should read more Cat may or may […]

Episode 43: Big Box, Week 6: “Divorcing Batman, Dating all of Gotham City”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Melissa Barber, writer/actress for Divorcing Batman, Dating all of Gotham City.  A solo performance based on one woman’s dating experience following her divorce from a certain costumed crusader Progressive dating, online dating and blind dating…oh my! So it really isn’t about Batman? Good, solid criticism….is there any other kind? The Three […]

Episode 42: Big Box, Week 5: “The Berlioz Project”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Deborah Magid, creator of The Berlioz Project: a Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Multi-venue Rock Opera Based on Hector Berlioz’s masterwork Symphonie Fantastique: Scenes from the Life of an Artist Symphonie Fantastique is known as the first “psychedelic symphony” and was the first symphony that told a story Berlioz wrote the symphony to get […]

This Place is a Prison…

“This Place is a Prison… “ –The Postal Service One question we received during our initial staged reading of 1,000 Hills was, “who are the people telling the story?” We lacked a framing device to properly contextualize our script. Preparing for the reading, my research focused on the genocide itself. Between the Tutsi people and […]

Episode 41: Big Box, Week 4: “The Negro Perkins” and “The Art of Social Graces”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Lisa Louise Langford and Jennifer Sandoval, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series. The Negro Perkins Set in a “pest house” in 1898 in a fictional town in Georgia What happens when you’re sitting somewhere where every corner is just potential gloom and doom? The thrill of being a […]

Akron Company featured in Cleveland Theatre Festival

Most theatres in the Akron-area shy away from controversial material, choosing to produce fare that won’t leave audiences demanding their ticket money back.  Heads Up Productions does just the opposite.  “Heads Up has consistently, since it’s founding, had a dark side and I think that helps shake people,” said Artistic Director TJ Jozsa. Our production, […]

Episode 40: Big Box, Week 3: “1,000 Hills” and “To the Sea…”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews India Burton and Christine McBurney, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series. 1,000 Hills written by India Burton A play about the Rwandan Genocide India doesn’t come to rehearsal, but when she does… Benjamin’s “inferiority complex” This cast is so good… (How good is it?!?) Similarities and differences between […]

Episode 37: Big Box, Week 1: “The Dreamer” and “My Dear Boy”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Amy Compton and Tim Tavcar, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series. Coming to you from CPT’s East Storefront performance space. The Dreamer created by Amy Compton Originally when conceiving the piece, it was about unrequited love Singing, dancing and letters to Oprah Winfrey Trees with no leaves = […]

The Monsters in “Monster Play” at CPT Give a Spine-Tingling Performance

Last night, TJ and I attended Monster Play, a devised play created in partnership between Theatre Ninjas and Cleveland Public Theatre.  For those of you who may not know, “devised” refers to a work created in a collaborative process, most often with actors improvising scenes and dialogue before establishing a fixed form for performance. As […]