The Spirit is Willing, The Flesh is Weak

The summer I will always remember as THAT summer, was the summer of As Tall as Lions, Pabst Blue Ribbon and self-discovery. I was working as an assistant stage manager at a local professional theatre that was supposed to be a foot in the door to a lucrative cross-country career, had I not squandered the […]

Everything I Am Becoming, I Already Am

The current projects folder on my new mac is full of half-written essays. Reading over these unfinished missives, it’s clear they are trying to say the same thing. Only that unalienable truth, that kernel of wisdom, is evasive– a mystery to my conscious mind, swimming just below the surface. Heads Up started as an idea, a […]

The Hardest Thing I’ve Done…

I trace the droplet of sweat from the center of my forehead and down the end of my nose to where it hits the floor. It gathers on my back, just below the waistband of my pants. My knees lock like twigs about to snap. I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but for […]

A Happy Ending

As referred to in Managing Artistic Director Benjamin Rexroad’s essay, Theatre: An Actor’s Medium, Heads Up is an artist-centric organization – placing the actor at the heart of the creative process. The actor is charged with not merely discovering the form but filling it. Heads Up’s ensemble uses its training to instill a certain level of […]

A Woman of My Word

The process of The Pillowman is different than anything I’ve ever experienced.  We’ll read through a scene, discover our character’s objective and perform it unmemorized—striving only to achieve that objective at all costs.  Then we’ll reread through the scene, add in points we have to hit and perform the scene again.  We do this until […]

Theatre: An Actor’s Medium

I have been directing shows in much the same way for the last 2 years.  It’s a system that works for Heads Up. The actors come to rehearsal memorized for whatever scene we’re working on that day.  I give the actors a list (on a yellow sheet of paper) of things they need to include […]

‘Corpus Christi’ Wrap Party

Blasphemer.  Heretic.  Sodomite. We got called a variety of names over the last two months.  (Some more deserved than others.)  We got protested.  We even got a death threat. An actress was hurt backstage during the first 20 minutes of a 2 hr and 10 minute play.  She had to go to the hospital, not […]

For Good

There is a song from the musical Wicked called “For Good.” The lyrics are absolutely beautiful. Here’s a bit of them that I keep coming back to:  I’ve heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most […]

“The Christian”

I love going to church.  I wear a bracelet that says, “walk with Jesus.”  Reading the Bible is one of my favorite things to do.  My kids and I love Christian music.  When times get tough or when I feel blessed, I turn to prayer. (In fact, I have prayed over this blog, hoping our Lord […]

Jesus’ Beard

In February, I was asked by the artistic director of Heads Up to play Phillip in Corpus Christi.  The thing that appealed to me most was playing a prostitute. Then I was asked why I said yes. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe we are here to help each other. I believe […]