All You Need is Love

The role of Joshua has been both empathetically easy and emotionally arduous for me. I’ve mentioned to people that I feel type-cast because it is easy for me to love people, to see good in everyone and to rage when cruelty in others surfaces. Moving through this play, I feel a fragment of what the […]

For the People’s Sake

One may ask why I am doing Corpus Christi.  The answer is simple– I was asked. However, that is only one reason as I am not oblivious to the obvious motivation for why a show like this was written. I have read and listened to a lot of political shit that is setting a false […]

A Leap of Faith

Benjamin approached me a few times to work on Corpus Christi as either the director or stage manager.  I wasn’t sure I could commit to the play the way I really needed to.  I wasn’t sure I connected as deeply as others could.  He approached me one last time because he might need women to […]

I Tell Them I’m an Atheist

People tell me I look like Jesus. So, naturally, when Heads Up decided to do Corpus Christi everyone thought I would be playing the Christ figure. I’m a dead-ringer. It’s a no-brainer. Where is everyone’s sense of imagination? People tell me I look like Jesus. No. Like how they think Jesus looked. Or how they […]

Freedom of Religion

I was raised, like most white males in middle class suburbia, in the Christian tradition. I was baptized a Methodist but converted to Catholicism at my Mother’s insistence (a ploy, I believe, to connect my father and me.) I’ll be honest, I learned a great deal about Christianity through the Parish School of Religion (PSR) […]

The Christian Myth

Growing up, every Sunday my neighbors took me to an Apostolic church.  To be a member of this church and to get into Heaven you had to live a specific lifestyle—women weren’t allowed to cut their hair and had to wear skirts, men had to wear pants and you had to receive the gift of […]

Finding Our American Roots

Growing up—and even now—people would ask me, “where is your family from?”  They wanted to know about my ancestry. My reply was always:  “America.” America never satisfied people’s curiosity.  America, so it seemed, didn’t qualify as a place where anyone could be from; my ancestors couldn’t possibly be Americans. However, I feel I am as […]

The “Fundamentals” of Art

As a child I often heard the phrase, “it’s a small world,” but simply brushed it off as just another insignificant cliché.  As our world becomes increasingly connected due to advances in technology and the growth of globalization, the world actually does seem smaller, microscopic even.  Thanks to the joys of Google Maps, I can […]