The Spirit is Willing, The Flesh is Weak

The summer I will always remember as THAT summer, was the summer of As Tall as Lions, Pabst Blue Ribbon and self-discovery. I was working as an assistant stage manager at a local professional theatre that was supposed to be a foot in the door to a lucrative cross-country career, had I not squandered the […]

Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

A few months ago, on The Huffington Post, I read an article by the media maven herself, Arianna Huffington, about the crisis in our country and how politicians want to be “caught trying” to do something.  That is, they want to talk about the problems, “seem concerned” and leave a paper trail to prove it.  […]

Episode 10: The Makings of a One-Man Show

Hosts TJ Jozsa and Benjamin Rexroad interview playwright/actor Terence Cranendonk “There are no recipes.” Terry did work sessions with Grotowski in 1984 He was not one of the Chosen Ones, so he chose himself: persistence Studying theater at Yale And just missing studying under some of the bigger names of theatrical history After leaving the […]