Episode 57: Battle of (the Dim) Wits, Part 1

In Part 1 of a 2-part episode, Host Benjamin Rexroad, Producer Kyle Jozsa and actor Daniel Ward discuss Heads Up’s evolution, the ego and eternal life. “What is the point?!?!” ZEN MOMENT: What!? No Zen story? THE SHOW: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Podcast The Evolution of Heads Up Productions Helping ourselves and our audience reach […]

The Only Duty of a Storyteller…

Recently I attended a workshop with Mythologist Michael Meade.  It was entitled, “Initiated Soul, Awakened Self.”  The workshop involved drumming & songs, stories and moments of deep, intense communion.  It struck me how closely our work as a theatre company coincides with his work as a mythologist. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Western theatre […]