A Letter to Any and All Protestors (Past, Present and Future) of the Play “Corpus Christi” by Ike

A review of our production of Corpus Christi by Ike of Mike and Ike.   So Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Herne, and Tiamat all walk inta a bar… Okay, now that I got your attention, howdy! Ya don’t know me, and if ya did most a ya probably wouldn’t want ta, and I’m fine with that. […]

Assistant Artistic Director Interviewed for ‘Skeletons’

Take a listen to Mike and Ike’s All Star Summer Jamboree Episode 5 and catch the interview with the ‘Skeleton’s’ cast, including Assistant Artistic Director TJ Jozsa.  The interview is about halfway through Episode 5 but enjoy the entirety of the podcast and see what Mike and Ike have to offer. Here’s the link: ASSJam […]

Assistant Artistic Director’s NEW Short Film

TJ Jozsa, our Assistant Artistic Director, has been working with the minds behind Mike & Ike and Very Amateurish Productions to bring you this (disturbing) Valentine’s Day present.  Hope you enjoy.