Episode 50: High “FiveOne Experimental Orchestra”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews teacher, composer and President of FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, Dr. Michael Bratt. “I’m always rooting to hear the best piece of music I’ve ever heard.” The Versatility of a Modern Day Composer FiveOne Experimental Orchestra – a Music Collective The Perfect Combo: Blending contemporary art with popular music Three ways to experience […]

Episode 42: Big Box, Week 5: “The Berlioz Project”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Deborah Magid, creator of The Berlioz Project: a Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Multi-venue Rock Opera Based on Hector Berlioz’s masterwork Symphonie Fantastique: Scenes from the Life of an Artist Symphonie Fantastique is known as the first “psychedelic symphony” and was the first symphony that told a story Berlioz wrote the symphony to get […]

Episode 8: A Myriad of Kevin Via Klemm

Hosts TJ Jozsa and Benjamin Rexroad interview local musician Kevin Klemm “The best moments are created during a performance.” Kevin teaches piano, drums, and voice He started Good Vibrations Music School which teaches in-home music lessons Ben may or may not have a heartbeat, which may or may not determine whether he can learn to […]

Episode 7: Goodbye Ohio – Hello Scott

Hosts Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt interview Musician Extraordinaire Scott Hartlaub “Don’t let the alcohol trump the music.” Scott’s unique voice didn’t do him any favors when he was growing up (and neither did Catholic School) The University of Akron accepted Scott into the music program despite his inability to read music He dropped it […]

Episode 4: Sharon Possibly

Host Amy Spencer interviews company member Sharon Pritt “We are the good strangers.” Sharon hates being the center of attention! Amy doesn’t want the audience to get confused.  (She’s the one asking the questions.) Sharon starts making art before she can talk. Face contortions are important to Sharon. So were her art teachers. Sharon’s musical […]