Two Steps Forward

When does Work begin? When the hammer hits the nail’s head? When the first bead of sweat drips from your face? Does it begin before the work begins? Since training with Double Edge this summer, questions like these have left me pondering for hours. Therefore, when asked to write an essay expressing the importance of […]

The Hardest Thing I’ve Done…

I trace the droplet of sweat from the center of my forehead and down the end of my nose to where it hits the floor. It gathers on my back, just below the waistband of my pants. My knees lock like twigs about to snap. I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but for […]

Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

A few months ago, on The Huffington Post, I read an article by the media maven herself, Arianna Huffington, about the crisis in our country and how politicians want to be “caught trying” to do something.  That is, they want to talk about the problems, “seem concerned” and leave a paper trail to prove it.  […]

Episode 45: Commedia dell’Akron

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Wendy Duke, (Drama teacher at Miller South), who’s Commedia Troupe has teamed up with New World Performance Laboratory to host an afternoon of Commedia workshops on Saturday February 25th from 2 – 5pm at the Balch Street Theatre. Commedia dell’Arte – a family form of theatre Commedia is improvised, slap-stick comedy […]

Episode 40: Big Box, Week 3: “1,000 Hills” and “To the Sea…”

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews India Burton and Christine McBurney, guest artists in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Big Box Series. 1,000 Hills written by India Burton A play about the Rwandan Genocide India doesn’t come to rehearsal, but when she does… Benjamin’s “inferiority complex” This cast is so good… (How good is it?!?) Similarities and differences between […]

Here Comes the Sun

Darkness swallows everything in its path – without exception. I see depression everywhere; my friends and neighbors, the economy, even the entire state of the nation seems affected. Perhaps it’s the weather. (Seasonal affective disorder [SAD] is particularly common in areas with little sunlight. And, in case you haven’t looked outside, the grey Ohio sky […]

The Impulse to Move

Before Benjamin and I ventured “on the road,” I had the opportunity to participate in one of New World Performance Laboratory’s Performance Ecology Workshops (PEW).  The universe, it seems, is always providing clues to your true ‘self,’ only by opening your awareness do these clues become visible.  The workshop helped reveal my innermost impulse – […]

Episode 3: Poor Theatre for a Poor Company

Hosts TJ Jozsa and Benjamin Rexroad discuss the influential article “Towards a Poor Theatre” by Jerzy Grotowski. “It really is all about your body.” “Towards a Poor Theatre” is one of the most influential theatre practitioner of the 20th century. Grotowski worked with Heads Up mentor Jim Slowiak.  (See his work at Benjamin thought […]