Episode 59: The (Beck and) Call of the Wild

Host Benjamin Rexroad and Producer Kyle Jozsa discuss Boy Scouts, the primordial sound and the power of silence. “There are a lot of irregular people who come down these steps.” ZEN MOMENT: 
 No Zen story but we do have maracas! THE SHOW: The day Kyle does not wake up…he’ll be dead Blending Conversations OM: […]

Episode 57: Battle of (the Dim) Wits, Part 1

In Part 1 of a 2-part episode, Host Benjamin Rexroad, Producer Kyle Jozsa and actor Daniel Ward discuss Heads Up’s evolution, the ego and eternal life. “What is the point?!?!” ZEN MOMENT: What!? No Zen story? THE SHOW: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Podcast The Evolution of Heads Up Productions Helping ourselves and our audience reach […]

Episode 56: Leggo My E(g)go

Host Benjamin Rexroad and Producer Kyle Jozsa have a dialogue about tearing down the ego with mother and woman warrior, Sarah Jones-Saddleton. “If you go too crazy do you chance to rip apart your own humanity?” ZEN MOMENT: Manjusri’s Sword THE SHOW: Arlo: The second coming of Christ!? Just like Super Mario, all of Kyle […]

Episode 55: “Having a Vision” Quest

Host Benjamin Rexroad, Producer Kyle Jozsa and special guests Amy Spencer and Sharon Pritt from Light of the Loon discuss vision quests, vortexes and much more. “Somewhere around 4 and a half, 5, is when you’re supposed to finally just get a job, act like an adult and shut the hell up.” ZEN MOMENT: The […]

‘Savage Love’fest

I discovered Dan Savage when I was 12 or 13 and coming to terms with my sexuality. He was tucked away in the back of the local “alternative paper” that was given away on top of the magazine stand at my local library Hidden among ads for “erotic massage” and “tranny escorts” on the page […]

Episode 51: Anatomy of a GenderQueer

This is the FIRST-EVER explict Heads Up Arts Radio. Not because we deem the material explicit, but because there are segments of the population who might be offended. And because some of the “surgery speak” might be a little yicky. (If you get grossed out by the plastic surgery shows on TV, you might want […]

Episode 48: Awareness Through Movement

Host Benjamin Rexroad interviews Terence Cranendonk, the only authorized Awareness Through Movement teacher in Akron. “The ability to learn is infinite.” Special thanks to our friend and supporter, Dennis Bully and why it should come to Akron Mark your calendars for May 7th Do I hear a familiar voice? (HINT: Listen to HUAR Episode 10 […]

Episode 47: Making Robyn Cooper Cry

Host Benjamin Rexroad talks about the school shooting at Chardon High School followed by an interview with improviser Robyn Cooper. Recording on Leap Day – that extra day to tie up loose ends The world is watching Northeast Ohio Making Sense of School Shootings Changes coming to headsupproductions.net and HUAR (Let us know what you […]

Assistant Artistic Director Interviewed for ‘Skeletons’

Take a listen to Mike and Ike’s All Star Summer Jamboree Episode 5 and catch the interview with the ‘Skeleton’s’ cast, including Assistant Artistic Director TJ Jozsa.  The interview is about halfway through Episode 5 but enjoy the entirety of the podcast and see what Mike and Ike have to offer. Here’s the link: ASSJam […]