A Letter to Any and All Protestors (Past, Present and Future) of the Play “Corpus Christi” by Ike

A review of our production of Corpus Christi by Ike of Mike and Ike.   So Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Herne, and Tiamat all walk inta a bar… Okay, now that I got your attention, howdy! Ya don’t know me, and if ya did most a ya probably wouldn’t want ta, and I’m fine with that. […]

A Review of “A Woman Called Truth”

Good, better, best? Heads Up Productions is much like the Toy Story franchise – every time they do something, it just gets better and better. Starting with an evident passion for theatre, a set of skills and talent pervades everything that they do.  Heads Up makes theatre for the mind, heart and soul. Their latest […]

Check Out What People Are Saying About “A Woman Called Truth”

Here’s what some people have said about our production of A Woman Called Truth by Sandra Fenichel Asher: “Truth is powerful!” – Nanci Self “Thank you for sharing this excellent work of art with us. I was truly blessed Thursday evening. I can barely contain my excitement for what Heads Up Productions will be up […]