The Spirit is Willing, The Flesh is Weak

The summer I will always remember as THAT summer, was the summer of As Tall as Lions, Pabst Blue Ribbon and self-discovery. I was working as an assistant stage manager at a local professional theatre that was supposed to be a foot in the door to a lucrative cross-country career, had I not squandered the […]

A Moment of Crisis

Life is not scripted. Each moment is new, unique, different. Many people cling to routinely determined patterns, subconsciously believing repetition will keep them safe. But the only true constant is change, so why not embrace it? Change is not our enemy or our friend. Change simply is. Accepting the idea that change is a part […]

Theatre: An Actor’s Medium

I have been directing shows in much the same way for the last 2 years.  It’s a system that works for Heads Up. The actors come to rehearsal memorized for whatever scene we’re working on that day.  I give the actors a list (on a yellow sheet of paper) of things they need to include […]