The Pillowman

Directed by Benjamin Rexroad

DISCLAIMER: Contains some material not appropriate for children.

Summer Series, July 2011
Heads Up Freak Show

Summer Series, June 2011

Corpus Christi

Directed by Benjamin Rexroad


By Mike and Ike

The Laramie Project

Directed by India Burton


Directed by Benjamin Rexroad

Dog Sees God

Directed by Benjamin Rexroad


  1. Nathan Johnston says:

    Sorry guys but this website still appears to be a “college” project. Its easy to see that you’re using Word Press as your free website. The content and videos are poorly done. And asking for donations to support exactly what? Some artists trying to make a go of it like the rest of the world.

    • For everybody’s benefit: We approved the previous comment because we believe in freedom of speech.

      For Nathan: We appreciate the feedback. We are a small theatre company based out of Akron, Ohio. We don’t have the funds to create a beautiful and fully developed website without the help of a third party. We’re too busy donating to food pantries and the Battered Women’s Shelter to be worried about it. Maybe if you donated to us we could have one built from scratch? We never would and never did try to hide the fact that we were using Word Press. We simply wanted something easier to remember than

      Have you seen one of our shows? I hope you can make it out. Maybe then you’d more fully understand what Heads Up is all about.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with using wordpress as a website. It’s an easy to use tool that is easy to update. I appreciate having an easy to navigate site with all of the information very clear.

    However, if you want an actual website, I’ll offer my services to you for free.

  3. Jeffrey Lyn Hall says:

    I’ve seen a few of your productions…keep on keepin’ on fellow actors! The synthesis of emotion/movement/character and ’cause’ is definitely your stamp. Akron needs this group. Best wishes and look forward to more.

    Jeffrey Lyn Hall
    Beatnik Lingo Entertainment Director/Adjunct faculty member The Second City

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